International Mangrove Ecosystem conservation day

May 21, 2017

25th July 2016 – On the eve of the International Mangrove Ecosystem conservation day, our class 9 students involved themselves in the process of transporting of saplings from the marshy areas of Veerampattinam to Thengaithittu area. They were ably guided by the forest conservation officers and staff. This initiative by Aklavya was greatly supported by Mr Kumar, the conservator of forests. The experience of actually gently pulling mangroves without hurting them, preserving them in the soil they are acclimatized to, taking utmost care to ensure that they stay alive for plantation the next morning was a great life cherishing experience for the students and our staff alike. Our students also learnt how hunting worms which grow in the roots of these mangrove plants affects the entire ecosystem and why this needs to be stopped.

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