Vision & Mission:

Aklavya International School aims to nurture lifelong learners, who, through respect and intercultural understanding, technology, creativity, collaboration and an active engagement in community service, become citizens of the world who contribute and make a difference, to their generation.

We, at Aklavya International School, provide a high quality, balanced educational programme which allows each student to develop his / her whole being in all areas of development – academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and social to his/her potential. One of our prime purposes is to develop international mindedness, along with valuing local traditions and culture. We aim to offer a dynamic environment where each student:
i. is challenged and supported to become a critical and compassionate thinker
ii. becomes a dedicated learner for life, with respect and understanding for other cultures
iii. acknowledges that others can be different and also right,
iv. grows to be a contributing member of local and global community.