• Admission to classes I –VIII will be considered subject to availability of seats.
• Admission for Classes I to V from all schools recognized by ICSE/CBSE, only on production of T.C duly issued by competent authorities.
• Admission is based on First Come First Serve basis only for classes 1 – 4.
• For classes 4 – 9, admission is based on First – cum-First Served basis and on the basis of the performance in the written tests/interview. Language, Numerical and Scientific ability is tested at the tests/interview.
• In general preference will be given to students from ICSE schools.


• Application for admission should be accompanied with the birth certificate and resident address proof.
• Application form can be procured on payment of Rs.300/-
• Previous school record (T.C, Conduct Certificate and Aadhar Card) should be produced at the time of admission.
• On admission, a BMIT (Brain Mapping Intelligence Test) of the child will be taken, by capturing the fingerprints of the child.
• A counselling session, indicating the distribution of Intelligence of the child, the learning styles, the personality type, the leadership traits, the possible fields in which the child could excel and become the Wonder of the World by exploring this World of Wonders and also planning to Work out Wonders during his/her prime years will be discussed in detail. In areas where there is a need for improvement, the same will be discussed with the parent in detail during the counselling session.


Please ensure the following when you seek admission:
Seat availability. If yes, check age limit criteria
AGE LIMIT: As of 30th March

For Admission to Class Minimum Age
KG – I 3+ to 4 years
KG – II 4+ to 5 years
Grade I 5+ to 6 years