Chief Mentor Message


    Beloved Parents & Students,

    It gives me immense happiness in addressing you through this message.

    Founded in the year 2004, Aklavya ICSE International School has been affiliated to The Indian Council of Secondary Education.  True to the finest tradition of ICSE, we at Aklavya believe that the ultimate purpose of schooling is to enrich the expression grounds of our children.  Students thus empowered with an understanding, clarity and mastery over their expression will have a clear advantage of an enlightened perspective on life as a whole.  At Aklavya, we empower students to celebrate life.

    The 21st Century world has seen a paradigm shift on the key factors that drive nations and economies.  It was military might in the 19th Century and it was money in the 20th Century. 21st Century is the era of Creators.  It is the era of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerbergs, Lakshmi Mittals and Narayanamurthys.  Creators like them have already started redrawing the global contours of power and supremacy.  Our empowerment team of dedicated teachers, ably lead by the Principal, understand that every child, though unique in his/her own ways, have an innate instinct and potential to create and therefore work on identifying and bringing out the creator in every student at Aklavya.  Through these creators, we are certain to put India on top of the world by putting enough Indians on top of the world.

    A committed and inspiring school management, empowering school leaders, dedicated teaching staff, responsible administrative staff and an array of support departments work day and night to ensure happy schooling to our children. This sets the right ambience to spark creativity and entrepreneurial instincts among the students.

    At Aklavya we create creators.  We invite you to join hands with us and co-create the creators of tomorrow and thus be the cause for the celebration through our students at the national and global arena.