Principal Profile

  • Sugandhi Viswanathan

    An educationist who believes that ‘Nothing can be taught’, Sugandhi Viswanathan believes in the humane approach to education. She believes that children are capable of constructing their knowledge and all it needs is to create a positive learning environment which allows the freedom for expressing thoughts and views. Education according to her is not building skills alone but a journey that builds an all-round personality.

    An M.Phil in English, B.Ed, and Masters in Education, she has worked for more than a decade with a school in Puducherry in grooming it into a school of excellence. She was also instrumental in creating systems in place and working on the mind-set of the stakeholders in creating a fear free environment for learning to happen.

    She has the experience of having worked as a Resource Person – Academics and Pedagogy in Azim Premji Foundation, a Not-for-profit organization for three years where she was a part of the Language core group which is responsible for building capacity of all the language members of the foundation at the central level.  She was also an Integral part of the Central Assessment team of the Foundation – instrumental in building Learner assessment tools and Teacher Assessment Tools, Orientation and Roll out.  Her job in the foundation also entailed building capacity of Puducherry Government School Teachers on perspectives of education ad language learning in particular. She has been a part of the team responsible for organizing seminars, education programs and also publishing of a bi-monthly magazine on education.

    She believes that children should grow up to be life-long learners and for that to happen, teachers need to be role models who constantly develop themselves professionally with the students’ progression utmost in their mind. Learning, according to her has to be purposeful, joyful and push the contours of creativity and critical thinking.