Why Aklavya

  • Aklavya International School is one of the finest International schools in Puducherry.
    We have etched a name for ourselves, not only as an abode of learning, but as a centre of wisdom.

    Fear free atmosphere, joyful learning, value based learning is what Aklavya stands for. Silent classrooms are unknown phenomena in Aklavya – these are spaces where learning is happening actively, joyfully, smilingly and happily for both the students and the teachers with lots and lots of energy. A fertile environment for collaborative learning, power learning and peer learning is created where in self-learning happens in a very unique manner. Our students truly learn how to work in a team and lead efficiently and effectively laying the foundation for becoming pioneers of tomorrow.
    The focus is on man-making and creating entrepreneurs with the thought of betterment of the world at large. Our teachers are committed and skilled persons, passionate about teaching and bringing growth and betterment in students every day in every way.

    At Aklavya, learning is investigative, creative and children are given every opportunity to develop academically, physically and artistically with a sense of respect and strong set of values. Working closely with the parents, we ensure that every child receives the support and encouragement needed to be a happy, confident and motivated learner. All children are encouraged to set goals, strive hard and believe in their own ability. The school has impeccable infrastructure for classroom learning and a well equipped staff of qualified teachers who are deeply conscious of their stellar part that they play in not just teaching students but in shaping and molding the citizens of tomorrow. No wonder, our students have always scored outstanding results in the high stake exams.

    Set in a serene environment, enveloped by greenery and nature with the latest technology at their behest, one cannot ask for a better environment for learning than what Aklavya offers.

    Come and join us, and enjoy unique World Class Schooling!