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About Us

Why Aklavya

The school was established in 2004. In seventeen years, the school has carved a niche for itself and is counted among the best schools in Puducherry. Bettering the best in Academics, Extra-curricular activities and sports, the school has succeeded in bringing out well-rounded personalities-students who are academically bright, physically balanced, mentally strong, emotionally balanced, and spiritually aligned. We encourage students cultivate a habit of creative thinking and a desire to excel at every level with an amalgamation of a rich culture with modern technology and life-long learners.The Spiritual and holistic education will transform our students, who in turn can make a difference to the society and the world.The holistic development of the children and moulding them into responsible human beings with a sense of commitment, care and concern for the nation, is Aklavya’s Philosophy of education. The object is to strive for perfection in education, making learning a pleasure, with a blend of modern techniques and real life learning that stresses on right values and attitudes.

Aklavya International School is one of the finest International schools in Puducherry. We have etched a name for ourselves, not only as an abode of learning, but as a centre of wisdom.Fear free atmosphere, joyful learning, value based learning is what Aklavya stands for. Silent classrooms are unknown phenomena in Aklavya – these are spaces where learning is happening actively, joyfully, smilingly and happily for both the students and the teachers with lots and lots of energy. A fertile environment for collaborative learning, power learning and peer learning is created where in self-learning happens in a very unique manner. Our students truly learn how to work in a team and lead efficiently and effectively laying the foundation for becoming pioneers of tomorrow. The focus is on man-making and creating entrepreneurs with the thought of betterment of the world at large. Our teachers are committed and skilled persons, passionate about teaching and bringing growth and betterment in students every day in every way.At Aklavya, learning is investigative, creative and children are given every opportunity to develop academically, physically and artistically with a sense of respect and strong set of values. Working closely with the parents, we ensure that every child receives the support and encouragement needed to be a happy, confident and motivated learner. All children are encouraged to set goals, strive hard and believe in their own ability. The school has impeccable infrastructure for classroom learning and a well equipped staff of qualified teachers who are deeply conscious of their stellar part that they play in not just teaching students but in shaping and molding the citizens of tomorrow. No wonder, our students have always scored outstanding results in the high stake exams.Set in a serene environment, enveloped by greenery and nature with the latest technology at their behest, one cannot ask for a better environment for learning than what Aklavya offers. Come and join us, and enjoy unique World Class Schooling!


Aklavya is ISO 9001 – 2008 certified school. The Aklavya International School follows the curriculum laid down by Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE).Our mission is to provide for the varying educational needs of a culturally diverse and geographically dispersed student body with a goal of preparing students academically, personally and professionally for successful careers. The school has designed an international curriculum that is built around a strong ethical component and sets considerable store of knowledge and respect for the cultures and values of different regions of the world. Affiliated to the Council for the Indian Schools Certificate Examinations vide No PN – 002

Annual Report

Aklavya is honoured to have won the British Council’s ISA Award for the second consecutive time (2015-18 & 2019-2022) for Outstanding Development of the International Dimension in the Curriculum and Collaborative Learning across borders. Our students took part in projects that required them to surveys, investigate and research on matters related to and beyond curriculum, presented their findings, did statistical analysis and mainly collaborated with schools across borders and interacted with students from U.K., Afghanistan, Srilanka, France and Polland.

68 of our students qualified for the national round competition conducted Wiz National level Spell Bee.

Many of our students have their Youtube Channels which are educational by nature. Idea drops, Aklavyan Times, Techazing, Magnificent Mahya, to name a few.

Every year our Grade IX students have been winning cash prizes in the National level online exam conducted by Commerce Wizard and NCLAT.

Our school has been selected as one among the top 4 best schools across India by INDIA TODAY In association with Ashoka youth venture. A 40 minute documentary was done on the school which featured on India Today Prime Time TV Channel. It was selected for its Entrepreneurship integrated Curriculum and the high spirit of Social Commitment that is built into Students as a part of their curriculum.

Grade XI- selected as one among the top 4 best schools across India by India toda In association with Ashoka youth venture.

Children of grade 9 to 12 underwent Better Plus school’s research backed curriculum and participated in changemaker activities to build the skill of empathy, teamwork, creative problem solving and collaborative leadership and created quite a few change makers of their own.