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Learning @ Aklavya


A good international education makes a child independent in their learning. The need of the hour is providing the space to express themselves confidently and creatively without inhibitions, to boldly explore concepts, ideas and issues that have local and global significance. The various collaborative projects we tie-up with other schools globally provides them inter-cultural understanding and respect for other cultures. With this extension of the curriculum, we aim to make the student a Global Citizen, who is pragmatic in his/her approach and grows into a Dasavadhani (a multi-dimensional student)


The curriculum is approached through inquiry, developing from what the students know to the unknown through an exciting journey of knowing more – stimulating the student’s latent curiosity and honing the skills of research, expression, presentation and application. Students learn to share experiences, work in teams and transfer knowledge gained in one area to another, through cross-curricular projects and themes. The external summative and diagnostic assessment and the remedial micro plans creates a spiral learning in students and gives ample feedback to teachers to modify their pedagogy.

ICSE CURRICULUM (Grade 6 – 10)

It lays a strong emphasis not merely on information, but also on the learning of academic and practical skills. Our curriculum, both in terms of content & methodology, is 21 century relevant and meets the highest learning standard. Comprising a dynamic and colorful potpourri of academics, sports, performing arts, fine arts etc, and our curriculum is aimed at developing creativity and exposing kids to varied educational experiences preparing them to face the future challenges of globalised economy. We nurture children to be confident, self sufficient, have independent thought process and a never-ending urge for learning. The examination is taken at the end of Grade 10 and provides an internationally recognised certification.The students can choose their stream (Science/Commerce) and their elective (Arts/Computer Science/Physical Education) in Grade 9.

ISC CURRICULUM (Grade 11 & 12)

It is a two year course and examinations are taken at the end of Grade 12. It is designed to provide a holistic approach towards education. This approach nurtures not just academic excellence, but also civic responsibility, articulating capacity and international understanding. Aklavya – The Creative Entrepreneur School mandates a broad based curricula that covers all basic disciplines and also offers opportunity for increased focus on nurturing their thinking to become a pioneer. The ISC CURRICULUM is so designed with such high quality standards that it prepares students to take any high stake professional exam/course with ease.


Physical and mental development is intended to happen in tandem through indoor and outdoor activities. As our Anthem suggests, holistic education happens only when the individual learns to be physically healthy, mentally strong, intellectually sharp, spiritually aligned and emotionally balanced. In order to ensure the above, Sports and Struggles, Skipping, Juggling, Malakhamb, Silambam, Yoga, Chess, Ambidexterity, Abacus, Rubik Cubes, Vedic Maths, Aptitude & Reasoning, STEAM curriculum and Robotics Divya Dhristy Divya yogam, Divya Degam are all offered as inclusive curriculum during the school timings. Specialized professionals and coaches mentor the child in all co curricular activities.. Agriculture to create value for the food students eat, Garbology for building Earth consciousness and preservation in students and Leader in Me for building life-skills are built into the curriculum. Mentors also ensure that activities push kids in the right direction, promote real world experiences, foster friendship, camaraderie, team work, and healthy competition, build self esteem, implicitly.


Aklavya believes that “If you cannot fight them, join them”. Video games have become a menace to the student community, disturbing their mental faculties by causing addiction. What if this is turned into an advantageous platform for learning. Aklavya has tied up with PRODIGY, an adaptive learning platform, which engages students as they explore the Prodigy Math Game World, where they answer math questions to complete epic quests and earn in game rewards. We are able to Visualize student progress, align in game questions with the current syllabus handled, choose questions from various levels and curriculums across the world and motivate math learning in students across grades.

AKLAVYA believes that being updated in the knowledge of the web world is essential for the student community. Coding has become the new mantra, essential to challenge the current virtual world, and hence, AKLAVYA has introduced Coding from classes 1 to 12. AI and Robotics are also a part of the students’ curriculum. AKLAVYA has engaged separate platforms exclusively for learning age specific coding programs, which are fun to learn and execute.


Aklavya is proud to have hosted the International Kids Film Festival for the fourth time in 5 years to the students of Pondicherry. Every year, IKFFI brings around 250+ films in 40 languages across 40 countries instilling deep moral values to the students of Aklavya and to the students of Pondicherry. Aklavya believes that it needs to mold itself to the needs of the current time and keep its value system in place. Not only that, every year IKFFI is conducted as an outreach program reaching out students from different schools and different factions of the society. Understanding that Cinema is a powerful medium and as an instructional medium, it unifies learning and entertainment, and also captures student interest and highlights issues closer to us, Aklavya has quickly adapted School Cinema into its curriculum. It is as much ground-breaking as creative. School Cinema began with the idea to replace existing Life Skills-based curriculum with an engaging and enlightening system of learning. As an entertaining tool, it serves to expand multicultural awareness and life avenues in children. School Cinema is developed through research and is supported by an interactive workbook, designed to introduce and reaffirm life skills and values to children, parents and educators.


A unique Congruence of Body, Mind and Spirit completes the growth of a Complete Person. The mandatory 12 noon meditation where gratitude is offered to the five key elements, the panchabhoota and the corresponding organ systems in our body, is unique to ACHARIYA Culture and Aklavyan life.